the secret sauce is a formula

The Formula

Positioning, timing and real-time market conditions influence the outcome of your home sale. You can control just two of those factors.   We follow a proven formula to get you the most for your home.


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The time of year list your home matters


How your home is prepared and presented to the market


Supply of homes for sale and number of active buyers

Formula for a successful listing

Invest in improvements that reduce buyer objections

Stage to help buyers fall in love

Remove buyer barriers to writing an offer

Price to the data 

Attract buyers with outstanding real estate photography

Position your home to sell.

Market beating outcomes are rarely accidents.  Each piece is part of a proven, repeatable method to bring a home to market.  You can't control the market, but you can tilt the probability of success in your favor. 

Let's dig into the formula:


Not every home improvement has a return on investment.  But some repairs and improvements can move the needle.

Before you rip out your kitchen and your bathrooms, let's talk about your goals.  When would you like to sell your home?    Simple improvements like fresh paint and light fixtures are easy and modernize a home.  Full kitchen renovations and additions can be costly and, depending on your timeline, probably won't pay off. 

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Staging is furniture designed to sell your home.  It helps get potential buyers in the door because it photographs well and to see themselves living there when they tour in person.

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moves the needle

Staging is like your home dressed up as its best self.  

You get one chance to make a great first impression.  Chances are, buyers will be flipping through new listings.  You want them to slow down, like your house, call their agent, drive there and see it in person.  Then, when they arrive, you want to them to fall in love.  

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


tripled his revenue

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Excellent interior and exterior photos get someone from swiping photos on their phone to experiencing it in person.  Professional real estate photography is essential 

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Remove barriers

Buyers get tired of paying for inspections and sewer scopes for homes they never move into.   Offering inspection reports to prospective buyers makes it cost nothing for buyers to write an offer.  

Pricing Strategy

Your home's value is a range.  You can price for one or multiple offers.  Either way you choose, it is essential to not over price.  

Offer review date

In a hot real estate market, an offer review date can generate excitement and a deadline for buyers to make a decision.  Otherwise you review offers as they come.  But beware of overpricing and missing this date.


You are selling


You are selling



than your home.

How to set the stage for multiple offers.

Your home's value is a range. Its value even has good days and bad days. Want to to sell you home at the top of the range? Learn how to unlock the strategy behind why you should stage and how it positions your home sell at the top of its value range. 


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